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Ice Demon Part 3
Part 3
"Who are you? And how do you know my name?" Claude looked around the hall franticly trying to locate whatever had been talking to him.
"Ahh Claudey boy," the voice giggled in its echo like voice. "When your perants died, and you left for the orphange, you left everthing behind. Heh.. photos, journals, portaits, everything about your life that was writen an captured, we found it." the voice giggled again.
"We? Theres more of you?" Claude's previous fear was replaced by curiosity.
"Ooh yes... and I'm sure he'd be thrilled to know you've come back!" suddenly a dark form appeared at the end of the hall. It smiled and aimed its glowing red eyes at Claude. "Want to meet him?"
Claude gasped at the shadow in his path but nodded slowly to it. He was every curious now. All he wanted was to meet who, or what, had taken over his house.
The shadow turned and walked down the stairs, Claude fallowing at a safe distance. It lead Claude out the back door and down into the storm shelter. It stopp
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Ice Demon Part 2
Part 2
Claude lay in his old bed fast asleep. He had spent the day cleaning
the house. He had found 2 other rooms with the same star shape as he
had found in his own, and swiftly swept all the salt away. Claude did
not realize how wrong of a decision that had been.
No, the only thing bothering Claude Harrison right now was dreams. He
sat on a blanket as blue as the sky, his mother sat beside him
unpacking the picnic basket and smiling at him. Claude smiled back, he
always loved her smile, it was infectious and anyone near her would
become happy with her.
Claude's father strolled over, the gloom on his face said that
something wasnt quite right. He stood over Claude's mother and the two
spoke quietly for a moment. Then Claudes father walked to him and
helped him stand. He said that they needed to leave, that it wasnt
Claude had no choice but to obey as his perants led him back to their
house. The moment they all had stepped inside the door closed and when
Claude looked back there
:iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 1 2
Ice Demon Part 1
Ice Demon
Part 1
The year is 1876, and Claude Harrison was sitting on the roof top of
an orphange in Kansas City, Misourri. He had lost his perants in a
fire when he was 10 and now, at age 15, he was spending his last night
in the orphange. Tomorrow he was to set out into the world alone. For
tomorow was his birthday.
Claude planned on moving into his old house, and with the money he had
made as paper boy he hoped to fix what damage the fire had caused.
Right now though, Claude just wanted to sit and whatch the stars. He
dreamed of seeing those stars up close, but of course that was
completly impossible. Claude shivered from the crisp october air and
decided he better head inside before he caught a cold.
The next morning Claude packed what little things he had into a small
knapsack. After saying goodbye to the other orphans, he made his way
down the street. The house was a fair way away from the city but
Claude knew the way and soon enough he could spot the tree lined walk
way that lea
:iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 0 3
Jester Pony by YukiBlueWho Jester Pony :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 3 4 Chibi Ulquiorra by YukiBlueWho Chibi Ulquiorra :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 3 1 Ice and Fire by YukiBlueWho Ice and Fire :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 4 0 Chibi Claude by YukiBlueWho Chibi Claude :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 2 3 Ulquiorra by YukiBlueWho Ulquiorra :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 5 1 Post-it-note Scarecrow by YukiBlueWho Post-it-note Scarecrow :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 3 1 Thor the mightiest Cubone by YukiBlueWho Thor the mightiest Cubone :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 4 3 Jesters Home Made Fruit Punch by YukiBlueWho Jesters Home Made Fruit Punch :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 4 2 Icecream Bowl Digital by YukiBlueWho Icecream Bowl Digital :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 4 2 Demon Man by YukiBlueWho Demon Man :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 1 1 Icecream Truck by YukiBlueWho Icecream Truck :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 3 3 Claudey by YukiBlueWho Claudey :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 1 1 Damien by YukiBlueWho Damien :iconyukibluewho:YukiBlueWho 1 0



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^^^ those are my besties! go look at their artz :D ^^^
Would anyone be interested in reading Claude's origin story? Ive already got it writin up id just need to post it, and it has a sequal too that im in the prcess of writing :meow:
oh and also I have a tumblr if anyone wants to follow it :D
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